PondWater Development Strategy™

The PondWater Development Strategy™ consists of the PondWater Expert System © and our proven Process Tools that when utilized in tandem, have the power to change the way you do business.

  • Partners Save time and money implementing ETL
  • Consistency lowers development time
  • Increase portability / availabilty for your clients
  • Get the right data to the right systems
  • Improve the quality of the systems you deliver

Advisor Reach

When a partner has a difficult problem, we have access to lead advisors in Research Labs, Universities, and Industry.

Our consultation sessions have provided candidate solutions for complex problems in Government, Research, and Industry.


Each address an important part of the System Development puzzle


Conduct Research with Lead Advisors


Proven Pondwater Expert System ©


Award Winning algorithms
Designed To: Advise, Guide, and Research for hard problems Proven strategy for data intensive systems Optimization of multi-objective, distributed algorithms
Features University, Government, and Research knowledge and information. Data management processes for ETL and data delivery Evolutionary Algorithms with Native American Mapping for deployment and data gathering
Confidential Yes Yes Yes
Partnerships Yes Yes Yes