About ChipSoftTech

Chippewa Software Technology (ChipSoftTech) is a research and data solutions company. We specialize in the integration of data, from heterogeneous sources (enterprise systems, sensor networks) to end-user devices. Our partners use our proven PondWater Development Strategy™ to deliver solutions.

We help partners with their information systems:

  • Managed ETL
  • Proven PondWater Expert System
  • Resolve data conflicts by modeling Levels & Attributes
  • Create accountability through tracking
  • Advising & Consultation
We've received an IEEE Award from the IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Society for achievements in:
  • Probabilistic Modeling
  • Sensor Deployment Algorithms
  • Evolutionary Data Algorithms

A History of Relationships

We're a data management & system development consulting firm, helping partners improve data performance and productivity for over 7 years. We have advised over 4,000 corporations, government agencies, research labs, and individuals.

We have partnered with clients to provide training, coaching, assessment of data systems, build effective applications, and improve their development lifecycle.

A History of Success

Working with Companies, Universities, Research Labs, and entrepreneurial businesses alike, we have served many entities to develop:

  • Data systems that meet business strategy goals.
  • Reseach and leaning.
  • Data accountability processes throughout heterogeneous systems.